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prov e nance,n., is derived from the French for ORIGIN, SOURCE.

We chose our name to reflect our commitment to providing our clients with original and creative approaches to meeting their particular challenges.

Provenance Health Partners: The source of original concepts, ideas, and solutions for health care businesses.

At Provenance Health Partners, we believe that the health care industry is unique and that developing solutions for health care businesses requires special focus.

We not only have in-depth consulting experience, but have worked in health care organizations, from large academic medical centers to small community hospitals.

Provenance Health Partners was founded in 1999 by senior members of Lash Group's provider consulting practice. W. William Ward, Jr is currently the President, succeeding Myles P. Lash who became President Emeritus effective January 1, 2011.

What distinguishes Provenance Health Partners?

  • Experienced professionals. We believe that there is no substitute for experience. We bring the benefit of decades of consulting and operations experience to every assignment.
  • Tailored Approach. We understand that each situation presents unique issues and challenges. Because our clients and their issues are different, we know that there is not one approach or one answer that fits everyone.
  • Practical Solutions. Our approach and solutions are not simply theoretical or academic. Because we have worked in health care organizations, we understand the issues confronting our clients. We develop solutions that are not only creative, but are also practical, based on an understanding of our client's real-world challenges.
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